Forest Research Laboratory

The Forest Research Laboratory conducts research on innovative approaches for managing forest resources to enhance lives and improve the health of Oregon’s lands, businesses, and vital ecosystems.

Forest project focuses on planning and managing for fire at landscape scale

Go Big or Go Home explored the effects of different restoration strategies on forest conditions and fire behavior

Researchers study supply chain feasibility of biochar for agricultural use

The charcoal-like material created by burning woody debris at high-temperatures in a low-oxygen environment is recognized as offering a number of benefits for soil health

Practical applications discovered for western juniper

For the first time, western juniper will be listed in the National Design Specification for Wood Construction

OSU Extension partners with landowners to reduce fire risk in dry southern Oregon forests

Many of today’s forest stands, such as those in dry southern Oregon, are much denser than they were in historical times, with fewer old, fire-resistant trees

Extension helps Oregon’s woodland owners manage their land

Master Woodland Managers share their knowledge with other landholders

OSU helps Oregon's forest products industry remain competitive

Innovation center connects manufacturers with researchers and provides technical assistance

OSU keeps forests healthy and productive

Swiss needle cast and mountain pine beetle threaten Oregon's forests

OSU researchers gather data on threatened seabird

Better understanding of murrelet nesting habitat is critical for informing tough policy decisions on conservation and active management of coastal forests

Extension distributes genetically resistant seedlings to limit spread of Port Orford cedar root rot

Root rot caused by non-native pathogen has caused widespread mortality of Port Orford cedar

Citizen Fire Academy teaches homeowners to protect their property from wildfire

Citizen Fire Academy participants learn to create wildfire protection plans for their homes