How are the Statewides funded?

The three statewide public service programs are each mandated by separate, long-standing federal legislation. The Oregon legislature provides funding for the Statewides in three distinct line items in the state budget. State appropriations enable the Statewides to receive and compete for federal, local, and external sources that fund research, innovation, and other activities across the state.

2019-21 funding

The Oregon legislature approved a $19.2 million funding increase (15.4%) for the Statewides for the 2019-21 biennium. This increase includes $14.4 million to cover continued service level costs and address past budget shortfalls and $5.2 million for new initiatives, including $2 million to the OSU Extension Service for fire resilience and recovery and a total of nearly $2.7 million to the Agricultural Experiment Station and Extension for water quality and quantity programs. The legislature also approved $375,000 for organic agriculture Extension, and one-time funding of $125,000 for a continuing Agriculture Experiment Station berry research position. 

Public Service
Legislatively Approved
Legislatively Approved
Legislatively Adopted
from 2017-19
Agricultural Experiment Station $63.1 M $66.1 M $75.8 M $9.7 M
OSU Extension Service $45.6 M $47.7 M $56 M $8.3 M
Forest Research Laboratory $9.8 M $10.2 M $11.4 M $1.2 M
Total $118.5 M $124 M $143.2 M $19.2 M

This information sheet (PDF) provides detailed information about how these programs will continue to contribute to Oregon’s economic, environmental, and social vitality.

Restoring our statewide impact

The 4.7 percent funding increase in the current 2017-19 biennium created a 3.2 percent shortfall because it did not meet inflationary cost increases. The Statewides were forced to implement approximately $4 million in budget cuts including: 

  • A total of 18 Extension, Ag Experiment Station, and Forest Research Lab positions left unfilled
  • Further cuts to community, agricultural, and natural resource services 
  • Reduced critical research and diminished stakeholder outreach 


Restoring Our Statewide Impact graph