Our Mission is Oregon

What are the Statewides?

There is no other network of community-based statewide leaders in Oregon that can meet the needs that the Statewides are able to address. Because of that, we are continually being tapped as a resource for reaching diverse communities with critical needs, without the additional infrastructure, resources or support to meet those growing demands. The fact is, we are the best investment for the broadest reach to the most diverse populations in the state. We have always been invested in Oregon’s people and our collective future.

Under Oregon State's land-grant mission of learning, discovery, and engagement, the Statewides serve Oregonians by (1) identifying emerging issues, (2) discovering and co-creating research-based solutions, and (3) applying new discoveries through engaged learning.

Continued support will protect this investment, ensuring the Statewides can continue to make important progress on strategic issues important to Oregonians.

The Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station focuses the power of science to support over 220 Oregon crops and commodities and help address Oregon’s critical issues across landscapes, oceans, and food systems.

The Forest Research Laboratory conducts research on innovative approaches for managing forest resources to enhance lives and improve the health of Oregon’s lands, businesses, and vital ecosystems.

The Oregon State University Extension Service provides practical, research-based information and engages learners, partners, and volunteers in communities across Oregon to meet local challenges and help every Oregonian thrive.

For more information, please contact:

Kris Elliott, Interim Vice Provost, Extension and Engagement; Interim Director, OSU Extension Service
[email protected]; 541-737-1381

Staci Simonich, Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences; Director, Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station
[email protected]; 541-737-5032

Thomas DeLuca, Dean, College of Forestry; Director, Oregon Forest Research Laboratory
[email protected]; 541-737-1585