Extension Service

The Oregon State University Extension Service connects Oregonians to science-based expertise, education, and partnerships including 4-H; public health; agriculture, forestry and natural resources; and community development.

Lane County 4-H community club volunteers band together for mutual support and learning

When 4-H volunteers in Lane County struggled to meet a surge of memberships, Oregon State Extension 4-H staff developed an innovative solution.

Wildfire danger in northeast Oregon ignites action to Improve forest health

OSU Extension foresters have helped recruit and train a group of forest technicians who will help write more than a dozen basic forest management plans in northeast Oregon.

Wheat and barley field trials help growers make annual variety choices

As summer turns to fall, Oregon’s cereal crop growers make decisions on the varieties of wheat or barley they will plant on their farm.

High Desert Garden Tour educates gardeners on growing conditions

Annual Extension event helps gardeners successfully navigate the unique soils and extreme climate of central Oregon.

OSU Extension research helps central Oregon farmers improve cover-cropping practices

Results are helping central Oregon farmers make timely decisions on which cover crops to use and when in their annual planting cycles.

Community gardens sow a tradition of learning for Warm Springs reservation

The growth of community gardens on the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Reservation helps mitigate the impact of the food desert there.

Oregon State entomologists develop organic product to control fruit pest

A patent-pending commercial application known as Decoy has resulted in a 67% reduction in damage, on average.

Citizen scientists track climate change, blaze new paths of communication

Oregon Season Tracker aims to broaden discussion and understanding about climate science.

Improved propagation techniques assist olive growers in Oregon

New information gives the promising olive industry a leg up in getting their orchards started.

OSU works to educate public on sudden oak death

Extension's new publication distributed to landowners in Curry County.