Science videos help young Spanish speakers learn during COVID-19

Screen shot from a Clackamas County 4-H science video in Spanish. Credit Rodrigo Corona.

With peppy music and creative animation – Rodrigo Corona, 4-H faculty outreach coordinator in Clackamas County, made hands-on learning fun through two science videos he created in Spanish. The science videos came with activity kits that allowed students to follow along and remain academically engaged during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The videos – ¿Qué es el Suelo? and ¿Qué es la escala del pH? – were part of the group’s hand-on learning process about pH and soil. 4-H faculty assembled the science kits and delivered them to community centers for youth to pick up. The kits contained all the supplies and directions necessary for students to do the activities at home with their family. The videos helped students to have a better understanding of the results of the experiments.

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